[Writing Challenge] #1

Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy

(not in order)

– the feeling after taking a long good shower. you know with my hair washed and my skin smelling fresh.

– freshly done tattoos

– hoài. she’s my home. i can tell her anything in the world and have her listening to every word i say with loving eyes and open arms. i feel safe with her, whether we’re at the mall or in a bar, just.. anywhere. she would always hold my hand when we walk, even if it’s just from her bedroom to the bathroom upstair. i couldn’t thank Jesus, Buddha, or any god there is that she is here with me and how she has became such a highlight in my life.

– perfect done nails. yassss.

– tea. my daily dose of caffein.

– hoài (điều quan trọng phải nói 2 lần). she makes me want to throw away the plans i originally had for one and follow her into the hazy, unknown future without a glance backwards. she doesn’t make me question myself whether or not i want to be with her; i just know. when i’m with her, it feels like any adventure i had originally planned out for my future isn’t going to be half as incredible as the adventures i could have by her side. that no matter what i thought i wanted before, this is better. everything is better since she came along. whenever i spend time with her, time falls away and i could not help but wish i could spend more time with her around. if i let a day go by without talking to her, listening to her voice or telling her how much i hate a bitch, that day is just.. no good. she became the backbone of who i am. my happiness is always a priority and so long as she is here, i feel like i can work around the rest.

– spending time with best friends. my fabulous retards Anna and Emily. i’m so so so grateful to have them around through thick and thin. they are essentials and i hope we could maintain this bond for as long as possible.

– writing. i’m not good with direct confrontation, or communication, or keeping in touch. so i write a lot. i write when i spontaneously listen to a song and it triggers some kind of feelings in me. i write when someone i love so much breaks my heart. i write during those nights in which i felt like i was all alone and wanted to end this life. i write when i couldn’t take it anymore. writing is my expression of feelings, sometimes a cry for help. in my writings lay the rawest version of myself.

– singing

– play uke


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