[23/02/2017] của em;



Because you want to call me even though you’ve got nothing to say;

Because you knows I’m sad just by the change of tone in my voice;

Because you love me when I’m struggling to even love myself;

Because you remember my order even though you never been to the place with me before;

Because you love the features I can’t stand about myself;

Because you like me when I’m angry and mad and annoyed and upset;

Because you enjoy making me angry and mad and annoyed and upset;

Because you called me “babe” and “darling” and “bé” and “em”;

Because I can’t shake the feelings that we .. ermm, belong together?

Because when it comes to you every issue seems a bit less heavy;

Because no matter how bad a day could go, you could simply call my name and kaboom, cuộc đời nở hoa :));

Because there are certain things I only want to tell you, and can only tell you;

Because only thinking of separation could make my eyes teary and my chest ache;

Because all the comfort from you make me melt and also make me loath the geographical distance between us more than anything;

Because I would never be able to be mad at you for the time we have together is too short and precious to be spent on silly arguments;

Because you always say sorry for all the bad incidents happened to me, even the ones happened before your arrival;

Because you don’t mind calling me at 3 in the morning just to sleep me off and listen to my bed sheet noise;

Because I would rather be your shot of whiskey then everyone’s cup of tea;

Because your smile is paracetamol to a bad fever;

Because your voice are of seraphim but your laughs are of Satan;

Because you make me crave for your touch and lose track of mind;

Because you hate it when I keep things in and not tell you what’s wrong;

Because I love you and yea, that’s obvious, duh;

Because I wouldn’t have it any other way (and I hope you wouldn’t as well).


– MiE (with love).


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